The Tallest Woman on Earth

by Prints Jackson

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The Tallest Woman on Earth _ Song 33 _ 08_11_2016


(THE TALLEST WOMEN ON EARTH) So write this down there’s no ark to injustice I feel it’s hip to be square, take my maudlin arms with a map to your majesty – young sailors lives beware cos a system of content bleeds a blister in my calm . but oh my love you’ve shown my kindness and I’ve known love before so I’ll throw my seeds of doubt on your wind of change gonna love you forever more . So these heavens of which you speak is it the answer to your want ? and if you’re floating out to sea find the trail to our way home because the sister of intent steals the season of my charm . but oh my life full marks for madness where money wont dictate my worth and I’m gonna drown in clouds on the lust frontier upon my tallest women on earth. And the hounds of hell they led me here I was blinded by the struggle in their eyes and does love only exist when all reason disappears ? and behind it all sits a cannonball what a fucking surprise. So set fire to the beast and it’ll loose it’s integrity relating to ships of command with flocks of fetid tarts crowding stone cold hearts of his assailant wife – oh it’s a sailors life ! where the apple of my eye heals the scurvy in my gums . but oh this love scaled to size for pleasure been molly coddled here since my birth and when the gods decide I’m not fit to moonwalk I’ve got my tallest women on earth. And say now you led me here I was sucked in by the osmosis of your eyes and does hope only exist when logic disappears ? and behind it all sits a cannonball marked ‘surprise’ x


released November 8, 2016



all rights reserved


Prints Jackson Ogmore By Sea, UK

One Song, Every Month, til the day i die ._ .

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